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Who Benefits

Equipment Operators

Construction companies, logistics companies, farmers, harbour operators. airport groundhandlers: Use vehicle real-time data and advanced software to optimize your operations. 

Equipment Leasing Companies

Monitor all your equipment at all times, receive real-time information from the engines and improve service to your customers. Offer telematics to your customers as an added service.

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Why Quantum

Proven Benefits

Protect your assets, reduce cost and capital investments, increase revenue

Manage all your assets

Motorized and non-motorized assets, all brands, Diesel or Electric

Stay Flexible

Highly configurable solution adjustable for your specific needs

Benefit from our experience

Over 15 years experience delivering telematics solutions

Attractive pricing

Several attractive pricing models based on your needs

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  • Locate your assets anywhere in the world

  • Create flexible geofences

  • Create alerts when assets move out of defined area

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  • Motorized: Works on all brands. adjustable to vehicle technology

  • With or without CAN Interface

  • Non-Motorized: Battery life time for many year

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  • Engine status, determine unnecessary idling times

  • Any signal from your vehicle

  • Use signals to determine operating status (specific to type of equipment)

  • Receive error codes 

  • Get fuel level or battery charge level

  • Control Temperature

  • Define alerts

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  • Automatic collection of engine hours

  • Maintenance forecast and planning based on vehicle specification

  • Remote disabling of vehicles in case of problems

  • Predictive maintenance based on warning signals

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  • License control when starting the vehicle

  • Control driver behavior and problematic usage of vehicle

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  • Get exact working hours from your vehicle

  • Log exact time of vehicle per site

  • Flexible charging depending on vehicle usage

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  • Analyze the usage of your asses

  • Review dwell times

  • Get reports by 

    • vehicle type

    • usage site

    • customers

  • Optimize impact from down time through maintenace or refueling

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  • Integrate our solution with your business system.

  • Several standard interfaces available




Operating Cost

  • Reduce fuel cost

    • Reduce motor idling times

    • Optimize refueling schedules

    • Track, avoid fuel cost

  • Reduce dwell times

  • Control efficient use of assets


Maintenance Cost


Create accurate maintenance schedules based on actual engine hours

  • Preventive maintenance based on engine warnings

  • Optimize Refueling Cost

  • Avoid Fuel Theft


Fuel Cost

  • Reduce motor idling times

  • Optimize Refueling Cost

  • Avoid Fuel Theft


Capital Investment

  • Optimize utilization of your assets

  • Increase the lifetime of your vehicles through better control and maintenance of your fleet


Improve Driving Behavior

  • Control route compliance

  • Control reckless driving behavior

    • Speeding

    • Harsh breaks harch turns

  • Reduce Accidents

Increase Revenue


  • Increase revenue based on actual automatically collected billing data

    • By customer

    • By site

    • By vehicle type

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  • We offer flexibel pricing models based on your requirements.

  • Our experience shows that ROI can be achieved in one year or less.

  • We support your ROI Calculation. 


"The savings obtained with the Quantum Telematics Solution exceeded all our expectations" 

Klaus Glattenbacher

FMG (Flughafen München GmbH)

Munich Airport



The Hardware Devices

Motorized Equipment

We offer several devices for motorized equipment depending on the tyoe of equipment. 

For complex equipment we have a product with up to 15 analog and digital I/Os, CAN Bus, OBD2, access control and RS232 interfaces for modular add-ons. A modulear hardware concept allows to add future functionality without replacement of hardware

Cost efflicen smaller devices are offered for simple applications


Non-Motorized Equipment

For non-motorized equipment benefit from our special hardware with a battery lifetime of up to 8 years depending on frequency of messages.  Batteries are also replaceable.

Technology is based on "smart GPS tracking (low power consumption), LoRa based communication extendable with BLE and WIFI technology

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Interactive Map

Locate your Assets

Locate your assets anywhere in the world and get life information. See the Web based map on any device.


Get Detailed Information of your Assets

With a click on the assets your receive as much details on the vehicle as you like to have including motor status, fuel status, operating status, driver (or anonymous driver ID number), vehicle problems (any signal you like to configure).


Interactive Map

Select my site, by vehicle, by status, by customer.  If authorized you can also change status on a vehicle (e.g. brake down).

Map Layers

Use open street view or add a layer to the map that provides customer specific details of a permanent location. Layers can also be provided for underground operation.

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Control, Reporting, Planning

Control your Operation in Real-Time

Use a customizable dashboard to see the current activities of your entire fleet or of selected sites.  See immediately where corrective action is requied. Monitor progress of predefined activities

Get alerts for any problem.  Alerts can be configured flexible according to your needs:

engine problems, low fuel or battery charge level, vehicle leaving predefined zone, tempering with the telematics system, maintenance overdue etc.

Analyse your Operation with Historic Reports

Review your historic data and analyze your operation. Evaluate your efficiency, resource capacity, dwell times, unnecessary engine runds, equipment utilization and maintenace performed.


Plan your maintenance of the vehicles.  Use the information to plan for required vehicles or assets.



Quantum a pioneer for telematics solutions and fleet management

Quantum is a pioneer for telematics solutions founded in 2003 in Germany under the name proveo which became part of the Quantum Aviation Solutions group based in Atlanta USA in 2016.

Quantum is a market leader in the aviation industry with installation on the Ground Support Equipment at major airports around the world including Munich, Stuttgart, Helsinki, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and others. 

Quantum develops its telematic products in Frankfurt Germany. Other offices with local support are located in Frankfurt, London, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro, Colombia and Singapore.

For more information on Quantum Aviation Solutions please visit our Websites:







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60487 Frankfurt a. M.


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